CAN comes up with CAN CommTech 2016 for the first time from Bhadra 23-26


Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) is up again with a new addition to its series of regular tech events. Previously known for the regular CAN Infotech events, this time, CAN comes up with CAN CommTech 2016 for the first time. CAN is hosting this event for the first time targeting the communication field. The CommTech will be mainly focused on communication as well as mobile companies and stalls. The event is being held from 8th to 11th September at Bhrikutimandap exhibition hall.

CAN CommTech 2016 for the first time

CAN CommTech 2016

The major sponsor Subisu and co-sponsor Samsung are hoping the event to be a grand success. Along with Subisu and Samsung, the event has been sponsored by Websurfer, Nepal Telecom, ZTE Smartphones, Netis, and Sparrow SMS. Most of the participation in CommTech has been seen to be of Internet providers, Smartphone companies, and Security companies as well.

CAN has told that the total number of stalls is going to be hundred. The event will see the stalls of Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications, Electronic Safety and Security, Power Solutions, Hardware Sales and Maintenance, ICT colleges and institutes, Mobile Accessories dealers and distributors, Payment Solutions and much more. The event will also have 8 stalls for open space and 5 food stalls included within the total hundred. The event is mostly focused on Broadband Internet and Telecommunication technologies.

CAN CommTech is expected to be a grand success and very useful to the general public as a lot of national and international information will be available on a single platform. General devices including laptops, printers, antiviruses, inverters etc will be available in an attractive manner as well. Subisu also has told that it will be announcing its new internet and TV packages through this event. This event is expected to bring out its major theme about right to communication and technology to every individual.

The event will be participated by the people involved in communication and technology business or the general users, software developers and users, government officials, general individuals, and students. The entrance fee for the general public will be Rs. 50 and that for the students will be Rs. 25. However, if a public school gives a prior notice about the visit from the school, the students from that school will get a free entrance. CAN CommTech 2016 has been expected to be a milestone for Communication and technology sector in Nepal.

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