FOSS Nepal all set for Software Freedom Day 2016


Free and Open Source Software Community Nepal is planning something big for the global Software Freedom Day this year. Software Freedom day (SFD) is a public day marked to celebrate the use of open source products and software worldwide. Moreover, it is a part of encouragement to the general public about the virtues of using open source products. This day is celebrated on 3rd Saturday of September, every year, worldwide. Looking at the preparations, we can say that, FOSS Nepal all set for Software Freedom Day 2016.

With the major goal of letting people know benefits of using FOSS in education, government, home, business, health, communication, and everywhere else, this event is supposed to bring a new level of understanding about open source software among people. Globally coordinated by Digital Freedom Foundation, this event is kicking off all around the world on September 17th organized by several local volunteering communities all over.  FOSS community believes in the empowerment of people to freely connect, create and share in a digital world that is participatory, transparent, and sustainable.

Nepal all set for Software Freedom Day 2016

In the context of Nepal, this event has a history since 2005. For consecutive three years since 2007, this event in Nepal was recognized worldwide as one of the best events on SFD. Later, FOSS Nepal has been trying to get to the grass root level of people organizing various events at several local communities.

This year, FOSS Nepal has come up with the theme for SFD, ““FOSS, a building block to develop nation” . The main event is set to be organized at Agrawal Bhawan, Kamalpokhari. To see the venue of the event, click here . This event will be beneficial to everyone related to IT or even interested in technology. Several major personalities will be visiting the event as speakers and presenters, including Dr. Mahabir Pun. The event will have exhibition stalls, book launches, entertainment sessions, speeches from renowned figures and paper presentation on different hot topics including machine learning, big data, open data, and cyber security.

You can know more about the event and put forward your queries on the event page on facebook . So get ready for another awesome event in the valley and mark your Saturday for SFD 16.

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