Google Allo, is it worth giving a shot?


What is Google Allo and what about it?

Google Allo is a recent messaging app for iPhone and Android. It has Google Assistant built in. Allo is… It has everything that a messaging app has. You can sends pictures, share fun stickers, group chat, and so on. If for some reason messenger, WhatsApp and Viber  and so on fade away from the face of the earth. Allo would be cool. It would be really cool. But that is unlikely and most of our friends are already on those platforms and people won’t ditch something for same old .. same old.


Is it really that bad?

But wait… It’s not all that bad. Google has something up its arsenal to make this product a little attractive. Google Assistant. The new Google Assistant leverages Google’s machine learning to answer your questions.


So the problem is?

The problem is… Google Assistant is still fresh and hasn’t developed much of a personality yet. It is completely new and needs a lot of work.

You can ask it to make Google search for you or your friends which can be interesting for some. For others, it doesn’t do much as they can just use Siri, Cortana or even Google.

What separates it from the rest?

Shout, which is basically making your texts bigger when you’re excited or feel like yelling; Google Assistant and.. Incognito mode? Although, encrypted messaging is much better in Telegram.


The messenger aspect of Allo isn’t really all that attractive. And the Google Assistant needs to improve a ton. But, I still believe it’s worth trying. Who knows, with our involvement and feedback, the product might evolve into something really cool pretty soon. It’s definitely worth giving a shot. Nothing fancy. Don’t expect much. That’s all.

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