Google Duo, yet another video calling app? Launched today!


“Meet Google Duo, a new way to video call” is the slogan Google has chosen to use for its new app Google Duo. Google Duo is a simple 1-to-1 video calling app available for both Android and iOS.

Video Calling

Many of us already do rely on a video calling app. Microsoft’s Skype or Apple’s Facetime come into our minds when thinking about video calling. Will Google Duo be able to generate enough hype around it?

According to Google, about  46% of States adults never make a video call on mobile devices based on a survey they did. Now what Google wants to accomplish with Duo is to take out that complexity from video calling. We have to see about that claim.

Google Duo Google Duo Welcome Screen NepalGoogle Duo Nepal

Mobile Only

Google Duo is currently a mobile-only service. Unlike Skype or Facetime, you cannot use this app on a desktop to call your friends on mobile and desktop devices.

Allo integration

Rumors have been surfaced about the integration of Google Duo on Allo which is a messaging app. But since, Allo hasn’t launched yet, we are yet to see that.

Knock Knock, who’s it?

Duo offers one fresh and unique feature called Knock Knock. Knock Knock lets one see a live video preview of a person calling you before one answers it. If you’re not in the mood to talk,  the Knock Knock preview will disappear after 30 seconds and the call will disconnect. The caller won’t know that you intentionally ignored him or her. A caller cannot leave a voicemail.

The Knock Knock preview will disappear after 30 seconds if you are not in the mood to talk. Voice messages can’t be sent. And, the caller won’t know that you deliberately ignored them if you choose to ignore them atm.

The Knock Knock feature can be turned off. On an Android phone, Knock Knock works through lock screen and on an iphone the app needs to be open.

Hangouts vs Duo

Duo, is designed for one-to-one calls only. Group video chat is not available on it. Google has Hangouts for the Group video task.


You may choose to block users who are being nusaince to you.


Google Duo is both available on  Play Store and App Store. It’s built for one on one video chat for mobile devices but does not work on tablets, PCs or Mac. Will it surpass it’s competitors? We are yet to see.

Note: The App has rolled out on Play Store since today but you might need to pre register or wait for a few days depending on your location.


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