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Youtube background play

One of the most annoying thing about Youtube app is it’s inability to play on the background. You can’t do other things on your phone while listening to a music or a podcast. Youtube Red isn’t available outside USA and some people may not want to pay for it. Youtube background playing apps are being removed in playstore and all the hassles.



Xposed is a framework that can change how system and applications function. It works on a range of devices and has different modules . Some of these modules give us exactly what we are looking for.

Xposed youtube background playback module:  You can use this Xposed module to for a background playback. There are various other modules related to youtube app which can get it done.  You can use Xposed One Tap Video Downloader. It lets you download your youtube videos. There are other cool modules you can check out. A quick Google search will help you.


Y Music

Y Music is a non profit app. It isn’t available in playstore. It can stream youtube videos and you can download the music as an mp3 . You can check out their tutorial on how to do it once you install the app. The songs take a while to stream on a slower internet connection though. But this is pretty much what you have for non rooted android phones. Google has removed similar apps from playstore.


Doing this in iPhone is the easiest. Just open Sarfari or Chrome. Go to youtube and play your video. That is it. That’s all you need to do. Last time I checked it was still working on Chrome.

Youtube Red

Youtube Red isn’t available in Nepal. It’s isn’t available is most countries. But if you are in USA. You can pay them a subscription fee for ad-free youtube with an ability to play music on background.


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