Your first Java program: Java Nepali tutorial


Your first Java Program

Here is our first program in Java Nepali tutorial series.

To write you Java program you need install JDK and JRE. Click here for how-to-install guide for JDK and JRE. JDK stands for Java development kit and JRE stands for Java runtime environment. Once you’ve done that. You need a text editor or SDK. I prefer you use a simple text editor at this initial stage. You may choose to use notepad or notepad++ but I’ve used  Sublime text for this tutorial which is for free.

Here is the link to Sublime text.

Java Hello World tutorial

The tutorial is in Nepali. So it’ll be easy to follow for a Nepalese viewer.

  • javac compiles the program
  • java HelloWorld runs the program

If you have any queries, you can make them in the comment section below.


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