Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal Meet-up


The Nepali branch of the global Google Local Guides Community is seemingly spreading widely in Nepal recently. It was seen on the Saturday’s Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal Meet-up. The Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal community organized a meet-up together on 6th August in order to meet and greet all the people volunteering in Kathmandu. The event took place around Patan Durbar Square. The new Ingress agents and local guides seemed enthusiastic and excited about the community in Nepal.

Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal Meet-up

Ingress Nepal and Google Local guides community

The participants were the Local Guides from beginners to level five local guides. They shared their experiences as a local guide. The better techniques to contribute to the community, the better ways to add reviews and pictures were discussed. The global reach that grew with the local communities was discussed among the members. The local guides did a photo walk session around the Patan Durbar Square Area, taking the pictures, adding to the Google Maps. They reviewed and added the information to the temples, restaurants and other important places around Patan Durbar Square, told Nepal local Guides moderator, Niraj Bhusal.

Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal Meet-up

Photo walking

Alongside Nepal Local Guides, the members of Ingress Nepal community were also present at the same venue. The agents from both the factions, Resistance and Enlightened were present. The event completed with Samit Ghimire as a lead from resistance and Saroj Dhakal as a lead from Enlightened. Several newly recruited agents were present, with whom old players shared their experiences of ingress. Ingress FS August mission was created for the event at Patan and the members completed the ingress mission. L8 farming was done at the Patan City Bell portal, where all of the resonators were upgraded to level 8. The agents did the hacking, had some chit-chat and had snacks.

Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal Meet-up


Nepal Local Guides and Ingress Nepal Meet-up

Both the events were completed simultaneously. The local guides and ingress agents met each other. They were encouraged to participate more in these sorts of community works. The event ended as a complete success.

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  • Mahabub Hasan Munna

    Keep it up . want to see Nepal LG top 10 LG list in google . waiting for see more tourist place in nepal .

    • Thank You. The Nepal local guides community will need support from you guys as well. 🙂

    • Thank you Mahabub !
      We will try our best to make Nepal Local Guides in top.

  • Pavel Sarwar

    miss this awesome peoples

    • We miss you too Pavel !
      Hope to see you again in Nepal.