Nokia set to release smartphones by the end of 2016


The old king of phones, Nokia, is coming back. Nokia has confirmed its release of new series of smartphones. According to recent news leaks, Nokia set to release smartphones by the end of 2016. We also have some of the primitive information about the basic specs of the upcoming phones. This news has certainly made the phone geeks all over the world very much excited. Nokia was somehow a ruler in the world of phones few years back before the hype of smartphones rolled upon. After a long break in market and release of windows phones, Nokia is coming back with Android smartphones.
Nokia set to release smartphones by the end of 2016

Forbes magazine recently reported on two new smartphone models of Nokia that might hit the markets till the end of this year. The early design leak consists of the Nokia logo on the back plate of the phone. The top and bottom edges are also expected to come up with silicon stripes.

The Finnish phone company, HMD Global, is ready with two phones two hit the market at the beginning. It has been reported that the phones will be of 5.2 and 5.5 inches in screen size. The phones are expected to come up with 2K video resolution and possibly upto 22 MP powerful camera. The upcoming phone from this company will be running on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. We can expect it to be very powerful. One of the phones is rumored to be released under the model name D1C which will run on Android Nougat.

There is no clear information about the official release date of the phone. We also do not have exact information about the release date of Nokia smartphones in Nepal. There has also not been any information regarding the price of Nokia smartphones. However, we can expect for this phones to roll out within the end of 2016.

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