Android Nougat Released, Which Phones will get Android Nougat?


Google released its new Android OS Android Nougat this August. Nougat has brought some awesome new features  and has added some more expectations for this OS as well.  With the official release of the OS, Nougat has already started rolling on to some of the high-end phones, nexus phones as well. LG V20 has been announced as the first phone that will come up with Nougat. We have tried to list out some phones that will be getting Android Nougat. Following phones will get Android Nougat in Nepal:

phones will get android nougat in nepal


Nexus phones are always the first preference when it comes to the android updates. So here, Nexus phones which will be getting Android Nougat update are

-Nexus 6P
-Nexus 5X
-Nexus 6
-Nexus 9
-Pixel C tablet


Motorola phones always come on the list of the phones that get Android updates soon. So we can expect similar with the Android Nougat as well. Motorola is yet to officially confirm the phones that will be getting updates, but we can expect that Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus will getting Android Nougat. Along with these phones following phones will be getting Nougat as well:
-Moto X Style,
-Moto X Play,
-Moto Z Droid,
-Moto Z Droid Force
-Moto X Force

One Plus:

One Plus phones with Oxygen OS have not revealed officially about the phones getting the Nougat. But according to information till now, One Plus 3 phones will be getting the brand new Android OS. We have rumors that One Plus 2 and One Plus X phones will get as well.


As of now, the phones with confirmed Android Nougat from Sony are:

-Sony Xperia Z5
-Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
-Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
-Sony Xperia Z4 tablet
-Sony Xperia Z3
-Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
-Sony Xperia XA


LG is set to come up with the first Android Nougat loaded phone, Android V20. Besides, LG will also be releasing Nougat for:
-LG G5
-LG G4


Samsung is currently considered the biggest giant in the Android smartphone community. Samsung is releasing Nougat on
-Samsung Galaxy S7
-Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
-Samsung Galaxy S6
-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+


MI phones recently are building their own huge wave in the market of smartphones. They have their own custom MIUI. In the context of Nepal, MI has got an overwhelmingly positive response from the customers within a short period. MI is releasing Nougat for:
-MI 5
-MI Max


HTC is one of the first companies to commit to the Android Nougat. A tweet confirmed that HTC will be giving Nougat on following phones.
-HTC 10
-One A9
-One M9

Though we have listed out the phones that might get Nougat, the exact date for the release of the OS has not been revealed yet for them. These phones will get Android Nougat in Nepal upto late 2016 probably.

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