Prisma for Android. How to download?


A  good news for all photoholics out there, Prisma for android is out now. The extremely popular photo editing app that gained a lot of attention among iOS users is now available for android. This app is mainly special for its extra awesome capabilities to turn your photographs into paintings.

prisma for android

You can download the app , Click here.

What makes this app different from other photo editing apps is that this app uses a different AI that makes your pictures turn into realistic paintings. The app is pretty simple to use and needs the internet to use the available filters. However, the android users are complaining that the app lacks save option which is available in the iOS version. You need to directly share your photos and then you can retrieve them later. Even within the turning-to-paintings effects, there are several other filters available which shall make your pictures more cool and fun. The company has told that it is planning to bring the video support very soon in the future.

prisma for android

As soon as Prisma for android has been released, it is at the top of the hype among the new releases in play store after Pokemon Go. Prisma was available for android in beta version for beta testers before this week until they surprised everyone with the sudden release in play store.

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